Playing with Penne

Playing with Penne

Today my Tiny took the day off kinder and wanted to do a “special activity.” First we needed to get our jobs out of the way. While choosing pasta shapes (always a big decision in our house!) Tiny announced she wanted to make “noodle necklaces.” Like mother like daughter, and I admit that I was a little proud.

So we brought home the Penne and laid out our materials. We needed: paper towel, 3 zip lock bags, hand sanitiser, food colouring and some ribbon/string for threading.

Take a first snap lock bag and put a couple of handfuls of dry pasta inside. Spray with hand sanitiser. Close the bag and jiggle it around so that the pasta is coated in the hand sanitiser. Add a few drops of food colouring, close bag and jiggle for a couple of minutes until the pasta is coloured. Pour onto a paper towel to dry and repeat with other bags and colours.



They don’t take long to dry but we did the colouring before nap time and the threading after as I’m a bit OCD when it comes to food dye and clothing!

The result is gorgeous necklaces for the whole family hand made with love by Tiny.



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