Best Fudge Choc Hazelnut Brownie

Best Fudge Choc Hazelnut Brownie

Little Miss 7 and I are currently spending our weekends perfecting a fudge chocolate brownie recipe. Yesterday’s attempt was delicious so I thought I’d share 🙂


We didn’t have hazelnuts or quite enough chocolate in the house and the little girls were sleeping so we decided to use a block of hazelnut dairy milk from my rainy day stash! The results were excellent!


Melt 200 grams of dark chocolate and 155 grams of butter in the microwave. It took about 90 seconds for our microwave. Once melted, stir until glossy and smooth. Let cool slightly.

Beat 3 eggs and 150 grams of caster sugar until pale and frothy.

Add  a generous pinch of pink salt, a splash of vanilla essence, 55 grams of flour, 55 grams of cocoa and the chocolate mixture and fold to combine.

Dice a 200g block of dairy milk hazelnut into small cubes and fold through the mixture to incorporate.

Bake in a 20cm square dish for 30 mins on 150 degrees.

Leave to cool and then refrigerate for a couple of hours before cutting it into squares.


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