When my first Little Miss was born I traded my scrubs for activewear. Two years later, another ‘Tiny’ princess joined our family. Wearing my much loved jewellery was out of the question with Little Miss already having broken many pieces! At this time, I created a range of washable, mum-friendly jewellery – and so tiny and i was born. I have since developed other ranges for tiny and i – maintaining a functional, practical, family-friendly design focus and a clean, on-trend, versatile aesthetic – and also welcomed a third little ray of sunshine into the world.

Jewellery: Our range of silicone-bead necklaces affords busy women (including Mums!) the luxury of stylish accessories. Our necklace beads are made from 100% silicone. Beads are non-toxic and comply with all relevant chemical testing. All beads are washable and fabulously tactile.


They are the perfect beach or resort accessory. All pieces are waterproof, washable and heat-resistant and feature a breakaway clasp for added safety. tiny and i necklaces are also ideal for wearing while cooking or exercising.


Our necklaces are not toys and are not intended to be worn by children. Necklaces are intended to be worn by adults only. Do not leave necklaces in the hands of children as they could be potentially hazardous due to a risk of choking or strangulation.


Home: This vibrant range of gorgeously tactile placemats brighten mealtimes. Mats and plates will stay in place making in harder to send food flying. Beautiful to the touch and easy to clean, tiny and i placemats are a must have whether it be for a full table or a single setting for your Little Miss or Master.


All pieces are designed in Melbourne, Australia.


Romy x